Obagi Skin Care

Obagi is the leading brand of medical skincare products.

Award-winning, specially formulated and dermatologist approved skin care products that transform your skin from within and help to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

If you are looking to maintain great skin health, or reverse the visible signs of ageing then the Obagi range of skincare products has everything you need to get your skin in tip top condition. Whether your concern is pigmentation, sun damage, hydration, fine lines or acne, we’ve got you covered with Obagi.

The Obagi Nu-Derm system is one of the leading medical skin care regimes currently available. It uses the most effective prescription-strength ingredients to repair, regenerate and transform your skin. This medical-grade skin protocol is prescribed by your skin doctor and allows you to transform your skin at home over a 12-18 week period.* 

Nu-Derm is the nurse-dispensed, prescription-strength skin care regime that you use yourself at home twice per day to transform the appearance of your skin.* 

It is particularly effective in treating sun damage, melasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, skin dullness and acne. The Nu-Derm skin care system has been clinically tested and is proven to give younger, healthier, flawless-looking skin.*

Summary Of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

18 weeks (At home) estimated

Back To Work

Immediately estimated

Full Recovery

Immediately estimated

Sensitivity Period

14-21 days estimated

Male or Female?

Suitable for both

Duration Of Results

Lifelong with maintenance *

Why choose Obagi Nu-Derm?

· Award-winning technology

· Medical strength skincare

· Results driven

· Specialised prescriptive regime

· Most effective medical skin care available

· Treats a range of different skin concerns

· Delivers long-term results

· Safe for all ethnicities

· Suitable for all skin types

· Fast and effective

· Easy to use

Consultation Procedure

Prior to treatment, a free consultation is carried out with one of the Saints Obagi specialists during which a medical history is taken and the skin examined to confirm suitability for treatment. You will be fully informed about the regime and a prescriptive treatment protocol will be created for you. If suitable for the Nu-Derm system, you will be consulted by one of our medical team prior to the products being dispensed. Photos will be taken to monitor your skin’s progress and you will be regularly reviewed throughout your transformation journey.

How does Obagi Nu-Derm work?

The Nu-Derm System uses prescription-strength products to penetrate below the surface of your skin in order to transform skin cell functions at cellular level and correct damage. This gives fantastic results on reducing pigmentation, exfoliating old skin and leaving healthy, new skin that looks and acts younger and healthier.* It is important to use only Obagi Nu-Derm products prescribed by your skincare specialist and to use only the specific dose and frequency recommended for your skin type and treatment concern.

What is Obagi used for?

· Treat Skin Blemishes

· Treat Skin Pigmentation

· Improve Sun damage

· Improve Sallowness

· Treat Acne

· Improve Fine Lines and Wrinkles

· Improve Skin Laxity and quality

· Improve Tone and Texture of skin

· Rejuvenate complexion

· Improve skin brightness

· Create a flawless glowing appearance

Am I suitable for Obagi Nu-Derm?

Most people are suitable; however, this will depend on your skin, your medical history and skin concern. Suitability will be determined by your skin care practitioner during a face-to-face consultation.

Will I always have to use Obagi?

We recommend always using some of the Obagi products, as once the skin transformation has been achieved, the aim is to maintain it.

Side Effects – what to expect

Some redness, dryness and flaking can be expected in the initial 4-6 weeks of using the Obagi Nu-Derm products. For some patients this can be prolonged or severe in which case your practitioner will most likely adjust your dosage. Other side effects are increased sensitivity to sun, blemishes or pigment changes.

How long does it take to get results?

Typically, by about 6 weeks your skin tone and texture will improve, and the blemishes and age spots will lighten. However, it can take up to 18-20 weeks for optimum transformation results.* You will see your Obagi specialist every 6-12 weeks to adjust the dosage of your skincare ingredients and make adjustments to your routine for optimum results.

Can the Nu-Derm System be used in the sun?

We recommend you avoid sun exposure as much as possible. You must use SPF50 everyday (this will be included in the system) no matter whether it’s sunny or cloudy, as any UVA/UVB exposure can cause damage to your skin. Remember, the reason you are using Obagi Nu-Derm is to correct the skin, so don’t undo all the good work!